Tantramar Area Grandmothers Present:

Tantramar Area Grandmothers Present:

                   South African Grandmother -- Mama Darlina
                                  Monday, May 8
                    3pm-5pm (optional dinner afterwards)
                        Sackville United Church,
                       110 Main St.,Sackville, NB


                                                            Mama Darlina Tyawana

 Mama Darlina is a prominent activist, lobbyist, and public speaker in South Africa. She was a member of the South Africa Grandmothers Gathering Organizing Committee and she is in the process of establishing a new organization with grandmothers in her community. She has been an active member of the Treatment Action Campaign since 1998, and for the past 15 years, has been leading the New Women’s Movement fighting for the rights of women and children. Now based near Port Elizabeth, Mama Darlina is a grandmother of six grandchildren, all of whom have been under her care at some point while their parents struggled with the impact of HIV & AIDS in their lives. She has also served on the boards of the Gender Advocacy Programme and the Alliance for Children’s Entitlement to Social Security, and continues to be a committed member of her church. You can watch her deliver the South Africa Grandmothers Statement: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Muz4Q8ZlU3I&feature=youtu.be.

Contact: Nancy Burridge of Tantramar Association of Grandmothers/Others

          Tel: 506-536-2733(h) or 506-379-0276(c)

For downloading the details of the event please click  on Mama Darlena


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